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Resources, Links, Show Notes and More:

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​-Applications to use for hunting:
​   -Weather (Weather Channel, NOAA Radar, Scoutlook) 
   -Ducks Unlimited Apps (DU App, Migration App, DU Waterfowl Journal)
   -Location/GPS (Google Earth, State DNR/Regulations apps, Public Hunting Land)
   -Waterfowl ID (Lemaster Method Waterfowl ID Guide)
   -Mojo Outdoors (Great all around app)
   -Other (GoPro, Tide Apps) 

   -Tools (aerial/topo maps, journal, binoculars, spotting scope, GPS)
   -Before you hit the road:
      -Identify your area of focus and establish a plan of attack
      -Check DU Migration App and online forums
      -Check state agency weekly survey numbers if available
      -Check weather, focus north
      -Talk to local biologist or conservation officer
   -On the road:
      -Identify roost/loaf locations
      -Find birds on the ground
      -Pay attention to smaller groups of birds
      -Think long-term and short-term
      -Figure out why birds want to be at that particular location
      -Identify flight paths from roost to feed
      -Watch exactly where birds are in the field
      -Decide how many birds are needed for you to hunt the field
      -Consider cover available to hide in
      -Study the structure of the flock so you know how to set decoys
      -Look for fresh cut fields
      -Scout for other hunters and less pressured areas
      -Don't push too close or sit on the side of the road looking at birds for too long


In this episode we discuss various applications for your phone or tablet that can help you be more successful in the field.(5:45)  We also go in-depth on scouting and talk about things to look for and consider when scouting for waterfowl.(27:48) The "Parting Shot" rounds out the show.(1:16:49)

Episode 10

Hunting Apps, Scouting for Waterfowl